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The Nature of the Soul


The human family stands today upon the threshold of a new experience, that of Soul consciousness. Every man, woman, and child incarnate upon the planet is being brought closer to this happening by the force of evolution itself. Just as man is differentiated from the animal, in that he is a selfconscious human being, so shall he make yet another advance in awareness to become a Soul-conscious son of God. No longer must he walk in the shadow of spiritual ignorance, for the Light of his Soul is moving upon his horizon.

This movement of the Soul toward expression within and through its lower counterpart can be seen within the mass consciousness of the whole human family. In no area of that mass is it stilled, but moves constantly to produce an awakening of man to Its presence. Men and women everywhere are becoming restless, dissatisfied and overburdened with the world of material values they have created for themselves. They seek new values which will bring lasting peace to their world, little knowing as yet the nature of that peace.

In recognition of and cooperation with this activity of the Soul, a new thoughtform presentation of The Wisdom has been created and placed in availability for those who seek it. It can be contacted as an abstraction via the activity of meditation, and must then be translated into a concrete form by the one who meditates.

This series of instructions is an interpretation of that new thoughtform, and has been written in an effort to aid man in search for his Soul.

For those who seek authority behind the written word, the truth of this text must be proven via its application. A formulated concept is of value only if it can be worked out as a living truth within the life and affairs of Humanity. Therefore do not look to the source of this teaching for its authenticity, but to the application of it within your own life and affairs.

This series of instructions has been built up from a foundation of certain basic concepts which can be briefly outlined as follows:


  1. That there is one Cosmic Center governing all life within the manifest Cosmos. This we define as the One God, Whose nature is both Immanent and Transcendent.

  2. That the sum total of life in and upon our planet constitutes a Planetary Being, Who under the impulse of that Creative Cosmic Center of which He is an outpouring, directs the life and affairs of the Planet according to a Divine Purpose. This Divine Purpose He shares with those other Planetary Beings who make up our solar system. This Great Life is defined as the Planetary Logos.

  3. That the Logos works out His purpose via three major Planetary Centers:

    1. Shamballa - The head center where the Will of our Logos is known. Here a group of Lives formulate the Will of God into the Divine PIan for the whole of the Planetary Life and affairs as it works out through the various kingdoms in nature.

    2. Hierarchy - The heart center where the Love, or Pure Reason of our Logos is known. Here a group of Lives headed by The Christ, step down the Will of God and the larger Plan itself into a relationship with Humanity. Via the energy of Love the Logoic Purpose is worked out for humanity as the Evolutionary Process, or Divine Plan of the Soul. This inner governing body we refer to as the Hierarchy of Masters, each Master being an individualized focal point within the consciousness of The Christ.

    3. Humanity - The throat center where the Will and Love of God are worked out into manifestation via the energy of intelligent activity. The intelligent direction of the Will and the intelligent application of Love within the life and affairs of Humanity will bring to successful fruition the greater Purpose and Plan of the Planetary Logos Himself.

  4. That there is a world group of disciples who consciously function within the body of Humanity in cooperation within the Hierarchy. They do not at any time receive orders from the Hierarchy, but do cooperate in such a way as to assure the manifestation of the Divine Plan within the body of Humanity.

    These men and women are not confined to any organization, race, creed,
    color, or within every department of human living for the spiritual health
    and welfare of humanity. They invoke the unseen aid of the Hierarchy through their own efforts to serve the Plan, and are called “accepted disciples.”

  5. That there is another group of men and women, who are working under the inspiration and guidance of the disciples in the world, are consciously aspiring to the state of discipleship via their own self initiated service activities. They are called “probationer disciples.”

  6. That, there is a vast group of seekers in the world, some of whom are as yet unaware of the above information, who stand ready to receive the teaching which will place them in the group of probationers. These are sometimes inspired consciously or unconsciously to aid in the working out of the Divine Plan for Humanity. They are a supportive group and will always be found on the side of good or right. These people are called “aspirants.”

  7. That there is an inner governing agency within every individual which can, through right aspiration, be invoked to intervene in his life and affairs. This we call Overshadowing Spiritual Soul.


That emanating from the Central Cosmic Center there are certain impulses which become the Divine Laws that maintain order in the manifest Cosmos. Three of these, along with others not enumerated at this time, work out in our planetary scheme in the following manner::

  1. The Law of Evolution

    This is the Divine Law governing the Consciousness aspect of all life. It is related to the Purpose of God and means simply that any created state of consciousness is in a process of growth, regardless of its outer appearance and condition. Thus man evolves to become the Soul conscious Son of God, while He in turn evolves to become an individualized focal point within the consciousness of The Christ.

  2. The Law of Reincarnation or Rebirth

    This could be called the grading system of the evolutionary process within the human family. The Soul incarnates not once in human form, but many times until It masters the form nature, and controls Its vehicles as the Instrumentality of the Divine Plan.

  3. The Law of Karma

    Here is the great Law of Balance, that which makes evolution possible. It controls the displacement of energies within the manifest Cosmos, directing a return of each flow of energy, from any given point, back to its Source in similar type, strength, and quality. Thus whatever a man thinks, feels, or does, shall return again to him as the balance of energy displaced within his own individual system. Via this law a man meets with those opportunities for growth which he himself has created, and thus evolves in the school of experience from instinct to intellect, from intellect, to intuition and from intuition to inspiration. Thus does knowledge itself become Wisdom, and the Soul master It’s own fate or karma. Upon such mastery the incarnating consciousness is freed from the wheel of rebirth into a higher frequency range of activity.


That after the personality has reached a certain place in the evolutionary process, his growth becomes a conscious, self-initiated activity. In cooperation with the Plan of Evolution the incarnating entity initiates those experiences which will expand the awareness of the personal self to include the awareness of the Spiritual Soul. This expansion covers five states of consciousness, sometimes referred to as the five initiations. They are enumerated and explained as follows:

  1. The Birth of The Christ

    Here the personality has awakened to the essential truth of his Being. He recognizes that truth as his spiritual identity in nature, and is therefore enabled to relate as the Christ-Child to his Father Who is in Heaven. He is born again in Christ consciousness, and endeavors to live, stand, and walk in the Light of the Christ, sharing that Light with all of his associates. It is at this point that brotherhood, for him, becomes a fact in nature.

  2. The Baptism

    In this initiation the individual willingly undergoes a purification process. Through self-initiated disciplinary training which usually covers a period of several incarnations, he subjects his emotional nature to the Divine Law and energy of Love. Thus he purifies his lower desire nature, transmuting it into aspiration to God via a fixed ideal which he identifies The Christ.

  3. The Transfiguration or Illumination

    This is the first major initiation in which the whole consciousness becomes illumined, so to speak, with the Light of Logoic Purpose. He undergoes a great awakening and begins, with Wisdom, to glimpse the cause back of allthat he sees. He is cognizant of the reality underlying all form manifestation and begins to think in terms of, and to work with energy.

    Such a one directs his life and affairs from the level of the Soul, functioning in the world as an accepted disciple of The Christ.

  4. The Crucifixion

    This is the initiation in which the individual crucifies that part of his being which stands between himself and the full embodiment of his Spiritual ideal. He sacrifices his personality, ambition and desire to the One Life indwelling all forms. He gives himself completely, works for, and is subservient to that Life. After release from personal desire and ambition, he comes back to work in the world as those who do have these two qualities, but with one difference: his motive is love of Humanity, and all that he does is in service to his brothers.

  5. The Ascension

    This initiation is so advanced that very little can be said about it. It is freedom from and mastery of the three planes of human endeavor: the physical, astral-emotional and mental. The individual is released from the wheel of rebirth, and if he does incarnate again it is only in times of crisis for the guidance of Humanity.

Man today is undergoing a difficult transition of which he knows little. As a race, he is completing the first initiation and approaching the second, fluctuating between the emotional aspect of his nature and the mental. He is learning to react to life intelligently rather than with just his emotions. As he becomes more and more polarized in the mental aspect, he comes closer to the revelation of his own Soul.

Still man does have the freedom of choice, and should he decide to continue along his selfish path of separativeness, he will undergo another period of dark ages in which the Spiritual Soul will be unrealized, and the completion of the first initiation awaiting yet another opportunity.

This course of instruction is written in an effort to show how the individual aspirant and disciple in the world can help Humanity make the right choice. There are certain suggestions which can be offered as to the manner in which the lessons are studied. First, let us consider group consciousness, for this will eventuate as man comes into a realization of himself as a Soul, and tends to subordinate his personality to the Soul.

Groups of individualities come into incarnation because of a long period of association which results in karmic relationships, and a certain aspect of the Divine Plan to work out together.

Those of you who are attracted to this teaching would do well to consider these relationships. All of those about you are Souls who are, in a peculiar manner, related to you and the working out of the Plan. As you progress in realization others will be drawn to you, and if you progress rightly, you and the others will experience a group consciousness whose motive is Service, and whose goal is the manifestation of the Divine Plan, as you have grasped it for Humanity.

A few words of warning may be inserted here regarding groups. Since you are functioning at this time as personalities a certain amount of friction may occur, and unless carefully handled, the group will not survive as such. Let Divine Love guide you in this enterprise. Recognize each one as a Soul, and therefore as your brother. Let loving kindness dictate your attitude in all of your relationships, and give to each the freedom to express himself as he sees fit. Set yourselves not up as judges, or as one above the other, but as brothers on equal footing, each striving to perfect himself in order to serve the many.

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The Nature of the Soul is an original work of Lucille Cedercrans.
Every effort has been made to respect and preserve the integrity of the author.

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